Employment Position Application



  1. Applicants are advised to select the option to retrieve an employment application KEY by using the Save and Finish later button on the first page of the application so that they may save changes and retrieve their work later.  If technical difficulties are experienced while completing the application process, applicants can use the key to log back into their application and complete the process.

  2. A separate application must be made for each individual position of interest.

  3. Cover letters and letters of interest may be addressed to the Hiring Committee if not otherwise instructed in the job posting.

  4. Once the application form is submitted and supporting materials are uploaded additional changes cannot be made.  Applicants can resubmit their application materials for the same position by completing another online application form and submitting more documents which will be added to the original application.  However, the original documents will remain with the original submission.

  5. After selecting "Submit" at the end of the application form, applicants will be able to upload up to 4 additional documents in upload fields labeled "supporting document". Multiple documents can be scanned together as one document and uploaded using one of the 4 upload fields. For example a CV, teaching philosophy statement, and transcripts can be scanned together as one document and uploaded using the "supporting document" field.

  6. Attachments can be accepted in Word document or PDF format only. Document file names must not have special characters, including punctuation marks such as a period or dot, as this prevents the file from uploading with the application form. Examples of acceptable file names are:  John_Smith_resume or  CVJohnSmith.

  7. The online application system will generate an automatic confirmation e-mail to the applicant when the application is successfully submitted. This is the only confirmation provided by the College.

  8. Postings remain on the website until they are closed or filled. Once the posting has been removed from the Employment Page the College is no longer accepting applications for the position.

  9. Applications are accepted only for open recruiting announcements.  A separate application is required for each position for which the applicant is interested in applying for.  Applicant materials cannot be returned. 



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